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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still Blogging!

Alright, who knew I would make it this far!

Today at work I discovered that the new person that we had hired was taking credit for all of the work I was doing. She was fired tonight for other reasons. So long Elena.

Other than that, Kate and I have picked out our bridesmaid dresses and ordered them today! Yay!!!! Matching dresses here we come (along with secret pirate identities).

Work is good. We are really picking up steam for the Apollo event. On Friday we have our second benefit committee meeting. Danny Glover will be there. Along with Ron Carter the famous jazz bassist. It's going to be informative, fun, and hopefully profitable.

My favorite though of the last week and a half though has been the wedding. I am such a lucky woman. I feel in love at first sight and knew right away that Kate was the woman I wanted to be with. Luckily she figured it out as well and now we're planning for an event to share our love publicly with our friends and family. Who ever thought you could be lucky enough to marry your best friend, the person who understands you best, loves your flaws, and that you can argue with in such a way that all things are resolved and your love remains intact?

I am lucky.

My other favorite thought though is the month and a half I will get to spend with Ishy this summer. Keith is going to Ecuador for a month so Ishy is going to come to the wedding and then spend some time this summer on the east coast. I can't wait.

Also, I need to give a shout out to Cherie who survived her first riot in Dublin and still give a spanking good presentation in class. Rock on girl!

Peace out homies. Much love.


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